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Yet another developers blog…

Maintaining a blog is always a great idea for a developer. There are so many things we discover that are surprising. Whether good or bad. These are the lessons from the trenches.

When we don’t record these thoughts, struggles or breakthroughs, we are doomed to repeat ourselves.

I personally struggle with maintaining a blog. But somehow this is going to be different.

To help inspire me, I’m going to put down some topics I would like to cover here.

Migrating a non trivial .NET Framework project to .NET Core

I have had recent experience attempting this. We have a large project at work which is around 4 years old. The code is based on .NET framework 4.8 using an Oracle Database backend (EF6).

We attempted to migrate this project. And unfortunately, it failed. I would really love to blog about the challenges we faced, and ultimately, why it failed.

CSS Grid - Making a responsive layout using native CSS grid

Hey - I did this one! Well done Andy :) Here is the link to the post on CSS Grid

Dotnet Core - How to manage a large project - Settings, DI etc

I have some opinions on the way DI registration is defaulted in dotnet core. I believe that the pit of success isn’t obvious here and want to discuss a better approach.

  • How do you access the settings early? (During DI registration / setup)
  • How do you know if there are duplicate services?

When to Fork Open Source and Should you?

In the past I have found open source dependencies have hit a snag. One was abandoned, One was NQR

Learning Svelte - Unexpected Twists and Thoughts

I have been going deep into SvelteKit making this blog. This is my first real exposure to Svelte and Svelte Kit. What did I learn? What do I think about it? What is it best suited for?